Heather is an angel that helped me find my way back to myself and my life.

Jennifer, IL



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Heather Faun Basl is a well known spiritual medium, and intuitive energy healer who provides sessions through phone, internet, or in-person visits. With over 15 years of experience in this field and doing thousands of sessions she brings techniques and skills to help you deelpy connect, heal, and transform all areas of your life. The way she uses her intuition in combination with listening to your soul to uncover the subconscious healing that one needs is effortless and powerful. She meets you where you are and takes you further within your heart with gentleness and acceptance so that you can evolve with love. She gives you clarity and hope to bring peace to your earthly experiences. An Angel in human form that holds such a nurturing space for one to awaken. You will love working with Heather.

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“It's been a long few years for me; feeling consumed by the negative emotions triggered from my parents divorce. I just could not seem to shake this cloud that followed me everywhere; disappointed due to what should be a joyous time in my life, with the birth of my daughter's, instead felt like I was just lost in confusion. My body started to fail me. My body hurt all of the time. 6 months post partum, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, that left me in the hospital due to chest pain. My diastolic number never below 90s, even with the medication increase. I have never been so scared.

My sister started seeing Heather and spoke so highly of her. My sister's transformation was beautiful to watch and very noticeable. So I scheduled with Heather. I have now worked with Heather twice; her presence is loving, soothing, and beyond welcoming. She just knew. I can't explain what she knew...but she connected to the parts of my soul that I struggled to find peace with. After an intuitive reading that showed understanding, love, acknowledgment of my truest feelings we began energy healing. Through Heather's work, I felt peaceful. The next morning, I took my blood pressure as I always do; I was in shock. My diastolic number was 69! It has not read that for at least 8 months! I hope to continue to work with Heather. Her gift is such a blessing, her presence is a comfort, and her love is beyond measure. Thank you for helping me begin to heal in a big way...physically, emotionally, and spiritually!”

Dana Rivera IL