Heather Faun Basl

Heather is an intuitive healer, medium, channel, medical intuitive, writer, speaker and teacher for spiritual awakening and soul evolution.

I started my journey as a very young child connecting with and healing animals on my farm.  My love for animals came from the unconditional love they return to us if we are open and listen. I bottle fed fawns about 3 times a day and spent hours upon hours playing outside with them. I felt like they were my family and learned to listen in a different way. I  communicated easily with them without words. I watched my pigeons mate for life and sit up in the corner loft when their mate died,  not even coming down to eat their seeds.  I realized we are all the same, the animals all had personality if you watched them long enough—even the birds. They all had emotions like anger, grief, and happiness.  My love for animals still remains and I miss my deer the most as I felt so connected to each one of them. It was time for me to take what I learned from my animals  and connect it  with helping people but before I did that I went through some major turning points in my life.

When we loose one sense another sense enhances. All my life I suffered from hearing loss. I had tubes put in my ears from 4 to 15 years old. I had a hearing aid in high school and would even get teased for not being able to hear in class. I had grown too old for tubes and so was sent to another ear doctor to see what was wrong with my ears. This new doctor wanted to reconstruct my inner ear, he thought the tubes damaged my ear and therefore could reconstruct it and I would hear. However that was not the case, when they cut me open they found I had a rare disease in my inner ear. Using laser technology they were able to get all the diseased cells out. They then confirmed that they believed they removed it all and I was scheduled again to have the reconstruction. When I went under for surgery again they found more! They removed more debris from what they now called cholesteatoma which is when cells clump together they form cysts or growths this being particularly behind my ear drum. These surgeries were very invasive and they would cut and peel back my ear each time to do the surgery along with cutting into my neck muscles and the risk of loosing feeling in half my face with each time increasing that risk. I am not going to say I wasn’t scared because I was. With a head cast on for a week and having to sit out of life for a month each time, along with not drive, and needing help to shower it was a long process to recovery. Not to mention each time they sewed my ear on it looked crooked at first! It was a very scary time and yet very important I went in and I will tell you why. After the 2nd surgery the doctor said that he had hoped that was the last of it and would like to continue the original surgery for reconstruction so that I could start hearing. We had an appointment set but I was very apprehensive, I was so scared of the risks with my facial nerve. It was a surgery that was just so close to some major things that could go bad fast. I decided to cancel the surgery. I just needed to breathe. During this time I was at college my freshman year and I remember sitting in the front row of the lecture hall and looking at the professor and all the sudden I could not hear a thing. I had a pounding noise in my head and I could not hear a thing! I put my head phones on after class and didn’t want to talk to anyone because I could not hear them! I was embarrassed and scared, I had no idea what was happening to me. I called my parents and said “Something is wrong, I need to come home and I need to schedule an appointment for that surgery.” I scheduled and actually got in right away. They were going into surgery with the intention to reconstruct but there was a different surprise waiting….I was under 4 hrs in surgery and they found the source of my debris from the previous surgeries. There was a larger growth in my inner ear that ate away my ear bones and my mastoid bone and was heading into my brain stem. I would of got meningitis and could of possibly died. The growth was significantly large and the pounding or beating I heard was it growing! I was 17 and this was a very intense surgery with all its risks and complications. My dad couldn't even look at me without crying. Looking back I really have not mentioned this story to many people but I’m writing it now because one, this doctor saved my life and what I’m about to tell you is probably one of the major reasons why I hear spirit the way I do.

After I finally healed from this I was checked every year to make sure it never came back. I also have had hearing tests and been tested for hearing aids and all the while since I could not adapt to any hearing aids whether it was the way they fit or the high pitch sound they made, I just had a hard time wearing them. I was a guinea pig for Zounds when they came out and most recently about 3 years ago I went in to try a new pair they came out with that were very small and you wore all the time. They were like ear plugs and hardly noticeable. I decided to try these out, maybe they were different. The doctor asked me to please keep them in the whole time so I could get use them. When I walked in the door to my home everything was amplified! The toilet startled me when I flushed it, the kids screaming was unbearable and I almost had a heart attack when I heard load noises in the kitchen that evening to rush down and find it was just the dishes been washed! What was going on! Everything was so loud! This is ridiculous, I thought and completely understand why people have trouble meditating. I went back in the next day and told the doctor to turn them down, they were too loud I couldn’t handle the noise. It was like I couldn’t hear spirit anymore, the voice within is so loud for me. After a day of them being turned down I turned around and went in again and told him to turn them down more. I just couldn’t wear them. Where was my peace? My goodness everything was extremely loud. So the doctor decided to do a hearing test again and he showed me from the sheet that I was borderline deaf in my right ear and had signifiant hearing loss in the left ear. He was puzzled because I passed the test where he said the words. So During a hearing test you have low and high pitch beeps and than you repeat words like…hotdog, baseball, ice cream. He did the words again and this time he covered his mouth. When he did I could not hear him. I came out of the booth and he looked at me and said, “Do you realize that you read lips?” I said, “No I haven’t noticed.” He said that I adapted to the hearing loss by reading one’s lips and face and tone. Essentially I was using another ability. When we loose one sense other senses enhance. He said I can’t believe you have gotten around as well as you have with this severe of hearing loss? In that moment I connected with why I hear Spirit the way I do. It’s a loud inner voice for me and it comes in on my right side. I get downloads from spirit all the time on things in the future and what to share with people when I am working with them. Physically loosing my ability to hear increased my ability to hear the other dimension, the angels, loved ones and the infinite intelligence more clearer! I told the doctor that I did not want the hearing aids. He said, “But you’re missing out on so many sounds, like the leaves rustling,” which by the way, I never heard before like I did with the hearing aids. There were sounds that I never heard, but I didn’t miss them, because I didn’t have anything to compare it too. I heard what I needed and adapted to listen in a different way. I listened through tone, facial expression, energy fields, feelings. I heard what people said or could understand them if I watched their body and lips when they talked. I could sense them and understood what they said. If I couldn’t look at someone it was harder to hear them yes, but most people don’t even know I have this. I have adapted pretty well and I do not wear hearing aids. I like my peaceful world. I hear spirit easier without them!

My other major turning point was when I suddenly lost my father. This hit me in a way I hadn't ever imagined. I was 21 and had just graduated college. I was looking at med schools that summer and when my dad passed suddenly I didn't want to go anywhere.  I knew I didn't want to go back to a hospital and I certainly thought there must be another way to heal the body after what I witnessed. I was very close to my dad. He used to teach me things like, “God was everywhere, and we must always use your gifts to help others.” He was open to the metaphysical philosophies and encouraged me to stay open to them always. He talked about his spirit guide and was never big into religion. After he died it was a weird feeling and I could still hear him. I wrote a letter to my mom from him about things on the game preserve to do and what we needed to take care of. ( I will share this story in my book) I could hear him and feel him write through me.  I stayed at home after this and prayed everyday asking for truth, I meditated and prayed for 6 months after he passed before I was ready to venture out on the path I'm on now. During this time I received messages about my next steps and they were quite different than I had originally planned.  I connected with very light beings that were what I was told my angels and they taught me how to do readings. I thought it was just to communicate with them and the voice I heard but they were preparing me for so much more!  My Dad had signed me up for several energy healing classes a week before he died and I didn't even know about any of them until someone called me and said, "Are you going to come to class? Your father signed and paid for all these courses."  I took them all and practiced my readings on people in massage school—Yes, you heard me. I went to massage school after almost going to med school!   My dad already paid for energy healing classes before he died knowing I would take them. My whole life redirected itself to one of so much meaning and purpose. I not only felt right with what I was doing, I felt empowered and passionate. It opened a new dimension for me and I began to help others listen and connect. We all have the ability to connect within.  I held space for people to connect with there family and friends that passed away. The intuitive and medium work became a regular job for me!  The medium work with my Dad opened me to more intuitive work and a strong passion to serve people in getting clarity with their own life struggles so they could heal and truly create the life they wanted. Whether it be a message from a loved one, insight into a situation or the healing of  illness, we can change everything if given the space to do so. I was devoted to holding that space and teaching others the power they have within.

Now I use my intuition daily! Although I like to shut it off it doesn't always work that way. I can turn it down which is nice and something I had to practice at. So no I am not walking around tapping into everyone nor do I want to or care what everyone is dong and thinking! We all have intuition, the more we use it the more it becomes a huge part of our life. I help many people listen to their own intuition by helping them go inward to their heart.  Here is where we can listen and sense into what we need to heal. If they just need to hear themselves express what is present for them or need guidance, I offer space. I assist people with their life purpose, healing illness, dreams, relationships,  careers, money, children, intuitive abilities, manifesting their goals, changing belief systems, reprogramming their consciousness and trusting life. I share insight and I share love.  I help people see the blessings in all of life's situations through channeling spirit in a loving way and the telling of my own stories and sharing my wisdom.  

Today I work with someone almost everyday on whatever life may bring. I couldn't be more blessed than the clients that have blessed me with allowing me to witness their transformation and awakening.  I truly love my work and feel honored to share my healing and wisdoms with you.  The miracles I have seen through this work would blow you away. Beautiful things happen when we trust and open to a greater energy within. Our bodies are truly amazing in their design to heal and you are only a belief away from creating your heaven on earth.

I have had many points in life where listening to my intuition has made all the difference and I know it will for you too!  Would be happy to help you evolve and develop your senses!

My Family

I have 2 energetic young boys Grail and Bodhi that are eager to use their healing super powers all the time. I am learning everyday from them!  

Education and Background

Bachelor’s degree in Biology Pre Med Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI

Curtain University Perth Australia abroad studies.


Licensed Therapist - School at Irene’s Myomassalogy Massage: Training in Deep tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Sports, Prenatal, Infant, Trigger point, and Lymphatic drainage.

Energy Healing/Energy Medicine

Healing Touch 1-4, Reiki 1-2, Quantum Touch, Medical Intuitive 1-3, Cranial Sacral, Arch Angel Michael healing, Angel healing, and The Journey.


Akashic Records, Mediumship, Meditation, Prayer, and Intuitive Readings-16yrs.

Health and Wellness

Detox programs, Nutrition, Homeopathic remedies, Young Living Oils, Flower essence formulas.

Spiritual Teacher

Energy healing, Akashic Records, Angels, One on One Mentoring and Intuitive developmental classes. Soul Transformation Retreats. Kids Energy Academy.

Intuitive Advisor

Mentoring individuals on all 4 levels of their being (Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) I take you to the next level of enlightenment from wherever you are at on your journey to where you want to be. Intuitive Counselor for Children, Adults, & Couples



I have sought help from Heather many times over the past several years, receiving divine guidance through her skills using energy/chakra healing and card reading sessions. She is a pure, honest, beautiful Angel of grace who is devoted to helping this planet shift it’s consciousness into Love, by helping one soul at a time heal it’s wounds.

Josie, IL

I have been a grateful client of Heather for more than 10 years. Her holistic and intuitive approach to body work has helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, especially in times of transitions. After a massage-energy session I return to life with a renewed sense of wellbeing and desire to pass on the peace and goodness Heather has shared with me to others.

Jenene, IL,