Intuitive Readings

Readings can help you gain the answers and clarity you need to move forward.  

A reading moves a soul toward clarity, harmony, and peace. Wisdom and healing happens in a reading—it is far more than information.

Readings help you view your life much like a map that shows clearly where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. Through a reading, you receive life insights, healing and clarity to move forward.

Through intuitive counsel , I can help you learn that which you cannot see or hear right now—Maybe it’s a path to navigate challenging emotional times, communication with one who has crossed over, or just a burst of clarity about specific momentary concerns.

 When one has a reading sometimes they may not like the information they receive or they feel challenged by what they are presently creating. Heather not only shares information with you and gives you insights for your situation but she can help you change the course you are on to create a different path that is more aligned with your dreams and desires through her one-on-one sessions. A reading is just a start and taste of what and who you can become! Through mentoring and energy work Heathercan guide you to the next level of vibration you are ready to become. Nothing is set in stone and anything is possible!  She helps you claim back your power and redirect the energy in your life to shift absolutely anything and accelerate what it is you truly desire.  The "Awakening" to who you are is just the beginning!  Heather is excited to work with you and to help you materialize your highest potential! 

Readings can be done in person, by phone and via email

Heather sees clearly, doesn’t gloss over the tough aspects of the situation but delivers her message with Love and Hope.
— Lynn, MI

Intuitive Readings

Information provided to you for your soul to have clarity, peace and move forward. May involve life purpose, guides, angels, akashic records, meditation, relationships, health, career, self-awareness, past lives, forgiveness, clearing past feelings, and a look at the future. You may ask any questions you desire about yourself, relationships, places, situations and guidance is provided. Integrity and honesty are the qualities of a reading, along with a heart centered intention, helpful to have from the client as well, for optimal service. All readings are confidential unless you give permission to share.   Distance readings are exactly the same as in person readings, same information, the only difference is seeing the oracle cards if we use those but I can take a picture upon request.  90 min session - $200  //  60 min session - $165  //  30 min session - $111  //  15 min - $55

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Medium Work

This is a session for space and communication with loved ones that have crossed over. When our family and friends transition we feel very separated and sad. Afterlife is a very real thing, connection and closure helps us move forward with our own journey. Holding a sacred heart space for you to connect and share love is what Heather does as a medium for you.

60 min - $222 Group 2 hrs $400

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I have to tell you that I found the box of jewelry that had been missing since September from the information you had given me at my reading.

I can’t explain the amount of angst that brought me in recent months. I also am very grateful to you and your gifts.

Thank you very much Heather. I will be seeing you again.

God bless



Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records is an ancient tool that's been used to retrieve information about the soul’s experience in this lifetime and all lifetimes. It’s a record of all the events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions you have ever had in the past, present, or future. A recording of the soul’s journey and experience. It’s said to be imprinted or encoded in the etheric plane. 

When we tap into the Akashic we can retrieve that information and use it to help ourselves and others. When we have insights and remembrance, we can navigate with more ease and understand where we have been and where we can go. The Hall of Records is the library of every soul record in existence. 

30 min $122 60 min $200

Akashic Records Reading
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Soul Transition

Heather helps people that are getting ready to cross over or exit into the next dimension or the afterlife. She helps them get prepared, let go, and make peace with past earth experiences. Transition is a very important process in our soul’s journey and having a space held to prepare for our trip home is something that more of us are realizing is necessary. Having understanding, comfort, and peace helps one transition with more ease. Death and dying can be a beautiful process of life and Heather helps souls during this special transition.

2.5 hr session - $333

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Couples Reading

A session with you and your partner present together. This is to explore the purpose of the experience in coming together: what lessons are present, what lessons are to be learned and clearing out emotional barriers that are preventing you from communicating and moving forward. Here is where you uncover information about your life mission work together. Powerful work is happening between couples these days and it is important that you and your partner grow together and listen to Spirit.

90 min session - $222

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Parents and Children 

A session with the parents and the child together to build healthy communication and harmony within the relationship. Heather helps the parent with inner healing as well as the child to create understanding, forgiveness, and connection.

90 min  session - $222

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One-on-one session with your child.  Help children release emotions, see their light and maintain harmony and balance with life. Sometimes a child needs a special session to open up deeper into their own healing and be excited about their journey. Indigo Children (sensitive children) may greatly benefit from these sessions as they are highly attuned to the new energy and need guidance with managing their sensitive and intuitive abilities. The session may also include energy healing and angel readings with the children.  60 min session - $155 

Contact Heather for discounted package prices.

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This is work for babies from birth to 2 years of age. Heather works with the energy of the baby and subtle communications on a soul level to help balance and create harmony within their physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Sensing what baby needs can help create a stronger bond with mother and baby and help parents understand how to respond to best support the growth of light in their child. (flower essences and herbs maybe used)

session - $144

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Mystic Make-Over

Spend the whole day together! Get a spiritual energy make over! Upgrade and reinvent yourself with massage, an intuitive reading, energy healing, life purpose mentoring, a personal flower essence, build an altar for your intentions, learn easy meditation techniques, and how to use oracle cards for your own personal messages from Spirit. Raise your vibration to a whole new level and nurture your soul with all the healing services. 

8hr session  - $999

Contact Heather to setup a Mystic Make-Over.


Small Business

Guidance and information about your business and the energy you are holding for the vision. Intuitive counsel is done to work with you and your business to see what the outcomes are, the purpose, lessons and challenges, energies that need to be cleared, new ideas to help it grow, and it's highest potential when it would be fully aligned.


Contact Heather for details.


Companies and Corporations

Guidance and information about your business and the energy you are holding for the vision.  Intuitive counsel is done with you and  your business to see what the outcomes are, the purpose, lessons and challenges, energies that need to be cleared, new ideas to help it grow, and  it’s highest potential when it would be fully aligned. One- on- one work with the company owner to help clear any energy blockages that are affecting the company and a class workshop of your choice for the employee’s.


Contact Heather for details.