Mentoring & Spiritual Guidance

Let Heather guide you to your next vibration.   

Through mentoring and energy work Heather guides you to the next level of vibration you are ready to become. Nothing is set in stone and anything is possible!  She helps you claim back your power and redirect the energy in your life to shift absolutely anything and accelerate what it is you truly desire.  The "Awakening" to who you are is just the beginning!  Work with Heather and materialize your highest potential! 

It was nice to be able to get some answers and see into the future... Everything she told me was spot on! Heather truly has a unique gift that keeps on giving.
— Annonymous

Intuitive & Spiritual Teaching

One-on-one intuitive training, and spiritual teaching. Heather works on areas that you want to develop to open into a deeper place to understand and know the inner and outer self. This process is meant for individuals seeking to advance to their next spiritual phase of being and moving into their purpose. Heather will discuss how the interaction is divided up over a few months to a year. This can be via phone or in person.  Heather will also travel to work with you upon request, extra fees apply for traveling and stay.  

One a week for a month - $495  package    

 Individual sessions - $165

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Personal Recording

For healing, manifesting, relaxing, motivating, or clearing can be for anything you’re desiring!  Have Heather record affirmations or a meditation specifically for you! Listen to your personalized recording wherever you go and feel energized and/or calm and relaxed. Heather has been doing personal recordings for her clients to help them stay aligned and balanced. Heather will do a 15 min call with you to see what you would like to focus on and create, make your recording, and send to your phone or email. You can do a once over review and she will add or edit anything you request and resend the completed personal recording to you to use all the time. Heather makes sure you have exactly what you need to help you move forward, stay aligned and feel amazing. Can be a set of separate affirmations or a continuous recording.  15 min max / $100

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Living Your Life Purpose

Have you ever wished you could go somewhere or do something—but never felt like you actually could do it? Ever wish you had the power to change your life? It’s time to change your thoughts and get motivated about yourself and your life! Heather is  ready to help you achieve your dreams. These one-on-one mentoring sessions draw upon the  energy within you to help motivate you to new heights and to create space for you to see the real possibility of living your dream!  

Wondering if your ready for mentoring?  After you have had a reading and/or an energy healing and you have been actively engaging in self healing you may be ready for more.  With mentoring the work is more intimate and Heather meets you right where you are at and takes you to the next level of enlightenment when your ready.  Sometimes we feel so close to moving forward and then we don't or we just feel stuck or blocked. Heather uses teachings and techniques to open your thoughts, take advantage of your abilities, look at your patterns and beliefs and understand what perceptions should shift in order to create the most incredible "you" you could ever imagine. She shows you more of who you are and what you can do with your power. Once you see your divinity there is no going back!  The world becomes connected to you and you feel the world in you rather than you in it.   You are a magical being and Heather will help you remember your magic. If you are committed to doing the sessions, opening to new dimensions of yourself, and ready to accelerate your soul purpose and potential on this planet than one-on-one mentoring is for you! 

"I personally love this work because there is immense joy in seeing people's lives change. They absolutely start to radiate and glow!" ~Heather Faun Basl

60 min session - $165

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Mystic Make-Over


Spend the whole day together! I travel to you and work with you in your own home. Get a spiritual energy make over! Upgrade and reinvent yourself with massage, an intuitive reading, energy healing, life purpose mentoring, a personal flower essence, build an altar for your intentions, learn easy effective meditation techniques, and how to use oracle cards for your own personal messages from Spirit. Raise your vibration to a whole new level and nurture your soul with all the healing services. A Spiritual Spa Day for your soul!  I  will travel longer distances to work with you personally with all travel expenses paid.  

8-hour session  - $999